Tricks to Fix Headphones not Working in Windows 10 PC

Are you worried about Headphones are not working properly in your Windows 10 PC? Don’t worry; it’s a very common problem experienced by all Windows users. As due to various other reasons you cannot listen to your songs or watch a movie without the proper hearing. Therefore, first check your headphones by connecting it with different devices such as another computer or mobile phones.

If still, they don’t work with any other websites, the only option you have is that purchase a new one.
Moreover, if you are not sure that your computer is creating problem or not then you have to try plugging other headphones into your computer system. However, if the different headphones are also not working with your computer system, possibly the problem is not with your headphones. Instead, your computer system is creating the problem. In this situation, you should have to follow or implementing the fixes which help you in troubleshooting the error. Underneath, we are providing few methods that can surely help you in fixing the error. We highly recommend you to follow all the steps carefully; this might solve your error.

Steps to Fix Headphones not Working in Windows 10 PC
Make sure that you follow the steps in the given sequence. Doing this will help you in fixing the issue without facing any issue and takes less time. Here how to do it:

Solution-1: Always Select Headphones as Default Device
  1. Navigate to the “Control Panel” window.
  2. Choose and tap on the “Hardware and Sound” option.
  3. Alternatively, pick the Sound option.
  4. Now, choose “Headphones/ Speakers” option and set it as “Default” option.
  5. Lastly, click on the “OK” tab.
Method-2: Update Driver
  1. Click the Win + R tabs together to open the Run command box.
  2. In the Search box, copy and paste devmgmt.msc to launch the “Device Manager.”
  3. After that, you need to expand the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers section.
  4. Next, just right-click on the “Used Audio Device option, choose the “Update Driver Software” tab.
  5. On the next tab, pick the “Automatically search for the Updated Driver Software.”
  6. Now, you have to wait for a few minutes till the drivers are successfully updated on your system.
Once it is done, plug your headphones into your computer and check that it works or not. Still, it is not working then try the next method.

Method-3: Change Settings by Realtek HD Audio Manager
  1. Initially, launch the Realtek HD Audio Manager on your system.
  2. Search for the “Folder” icon located in the upper right corner of the screen and click on it to open it.
  3. Choose “Disable front panel jack detection” option.
  4. Finally, click on the “OK” tab.
  5. Restart your computer system to save the changes.
We hope that the above-given steps help you in fixing the headphones not working on Windows 10 PC issue.

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